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One of my first memories of painting is from when I was seven years old. I remember rich blue tempura paint flowing off my brush to paint a sky while standing at an easel on the patio of my Florida second grade classroom. I was in love with the blue paint, engrossed and content in the humid breeze.

I have always loved how paint flows off a brush. I continue to love color, seeing, being and expressing.

I am particularly interested in shorelines. To me, they represent where elements interface, overlap and intersect.  Humans are influencing these elusive lines. Climate is changing, seasons continue to come and go, and human influences are part of the mix.  It is my hope that my work sparks some awareness of the beauty, and ultimately to the care, of our shorelines.

The mandalas were created from my thoughts, prayers and hopes for the planet. They were peaceful and at the same time energetic in their creation, and my intent is that viewers will respond to them as healing centering images.

The shorelines are from shores I have visited in the past year. I find it fascinating to stand at a shore, watching, and really seeing and looking into the shifting lines formed where the ocean waters ebb and flow. I paint them to share the seeing and the being right there where such amazing beauty happens with the rhythm of the tides and the winds, ever changing and constant at the same time.

Lone Mangrove, and Of the Sea, and Bright Horizon are paintings that come out of my passion for mangroves. Mangrove trees form marine ecosystems crucial to the health and balance of marine life, and hold and form shorelines around the equatorial regions of our planet.


I am passionate about the waters where I grew up (Florida) and about the waters where I now live (Minnesota.)

Finding beauty in the juxtapositions and connections of these very different, yet equally vital, natural environments is my passion.

Seeing beauty and peril through exploring and learning about its waters and ecosystems of mangroves, the Everglades, and coastal shorelines

Seeing beauty and peril through exploring and learning about fresh water mussels, trees, plants, sediment, erosion and the history/future of our rivers, lakes and wetlands.