Start in the center

Heart paintingStart in the center, where your heart is.

I am an artist and a healer. My life’s work revolves around healing through creativity, art. Off and on throughout my life as a painter I choose to create mandalas. I create mandalas to celebrate, to heal, to grieve, to escape and to find peace. Often I’ll dive into creating a mandala just for the enjoyment of the process.

Mandalas are ancient, powerful symbols used around the globe. The earth, the sun and the moon are all beautiful mandalas that we experience naturally. Mandalas are often referred to as windows to the soul, magic circles, and centering images. They are useful for focus, meditation, mindfulness, and connection.


As I write this, I have paused often to look into a sunflower on the table in front of me. Its deep brown center, surrounded by petals of gold, is a natural mandala. Its structure, color, and shape serve as is a reminder of how the richness that comes from the center blossoms out into the world, holding steady, lush with possibility of renewal.
FlowersIn my work as an artist and healer my own circle has been enriched by guiding others in creating their own mandalas for personal growth, creative exploration, or perhaps to cope with difficult emotions. There is no right or wrong way to create–and the mandala is the perfect vehicle for exploration, reflection, and connection.

My own center, the heart that guides my art and work, has brought me along this far. Mandalas have provided healing, centering, and meaning to me, and to the clients, students and other healers I have met and created with along the way.

Here is my gift to you. Take some time to center yourself, and enjoy the process, starting in the middle with your heart. We can center ourselves, become calm, and experience peace when we create something new from within.


Create your own Mandala from your heart

Ideas for your circle: paper plate, trace a plate on paper, or just start with paper and let your circle evolve

Ideas for materials: markers, crayons, paint, collage materials, oil pastels, pencils

How to get started: Assemble your materials in front of you. Allow yourself 20-30 minutes.

Sit comfortably, notice your materials, and notice how you are. Close your eyes and bring your attention to your breathing, imagine a favorite color as light, and imagine that as you breath in and out, you are bringing peace throughout your being. You are lighting your heart with ease. Notice how this is for you. Say something peaceful to yourself such as “I am here with my breath, my body and my heart”.

When ever you are ready, gently open your eyes to begin.

Healing mandala

Create your Mandala

Pick up what ever color you are attracted to and begin with that color at the center of the circle. Continue to create your mandala in any way that moves you.

When you feel you are finished, spend some time with your Heart Mandala noticing what you have created and what it might mean to you, how it felt to create it, how it feels to look at it now, and what it might have to tell you about your heart. If you would like, write down some words or phrases that occur to you.

Tape your mandala up so you can see it, and notice what else occurs to you in the days following. You may wish to date it and create more with themes of your own.

Ideas for themes for making more!

Your own idea!, peace, transition, centering, healing, celebration, calming, expressive, searching

May each day start from your heart. May your mandala remind you of your center, and the beat of life from within.


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