I'm an artist and a healer.

I'm here to share a lifetime of looking and seeing into our natural environment, and working with people striving to live healthy fulfilling lives.

My artistic healing work has grown out of 20 years as a therapist, specializing in working with children, families and adults.

My focus as an artist is on inner exploration, creative expression and the beauty of the natural environment.

Creativity healed me, and I have seen it heal others. Artistic expression and exploration offer new pathways for healing and growth for all ages.


Maris Gilbert
BFA, Minneapolis College of Art and Design

Healing mandalaMy art evokes positive healing emotions, inspiring hope and peace, while also addressing the peril and beauty of life.

I am passionate about the waters where I grew up (Florida) and about the waters where I now live (Minnesota.)

Finding beauty in the juxtapositions and connections of these very different, yet equally vital, natural environments is my passion.

Creativity heals