My recent work is an exploration of the beauty and peril of our earth as the climate changes and we are seeing sea rise. I am particularly interested in shorelines. To me, they represent where elements interface, overlap and intersect.   Humans are influencing these elusive lines. Climate is changing, seasons continue to come and go, and human influences are part of the mix.  It is my hope that my work sparks some awareness of the peril and the beauty, and ultimately to the care, of our shorelines.

Mangroves are where my passion for our planet has taken “root”. Mangrove trees form marine ecosystems crucial to the health and balance of all marine life, and hold and form shorelines around the equatorial regions of our planet.

I find it fascinating to stand at a shore, watching, and really seeing and looking into the shifting lines formed where the ocean waters ebb and flow and these amazing trees hold the shore and ecosystems for marine life at the same time.

I paint to share the seeing and the being right there where such amazing beauty happens with the rhythm of the tides and the winds, ever changing and constant at the same time.





Visual Journaling