Whole Brainer white boardWorkshops and presentations for professionals

These workshops and presentations have been created with healing, creative and teaching professionals in mind. They provide a healing exploration of your own creative process. You will learn how to experience calm through self-expression, and will learn techniques for using creativity to maintain your well-being.

Participants will leave with personal images and ideas for ongoing creative wellness. Your group will also create a community piece. All materials are included.

Choose from the project ideas below, or contact Maris to create a custom workshop at this link.

Creativity: A Whole Brainer!

Creativity involves the whole brain. By playfully expressing yourself with art materials, you will enhance your imagination, problem-solving skills and personal reflection.

In this workshop, you will:

• Learn how art affects your brain chemistry,

• Learn how creativity improves wellness,

• Explore your own creative process using materials and instruction.

• Experience creativity as a community around a common theme.

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Mandala is a Sanskrit word for "sacred circle". Carl Jung calls mandalas “windows to the soul”. Creating images in the form of a circle can be calming, and results in an image well-suited for introspection and centering or focus.

In this workshop, you will create personal mandalas with a variety of materials including collage images, paint, glue, markers and other marking materials.

Within a group, you will create individual wedges about connection, growth and wholeness and piece them together into a community Mandala.

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Paper-Pieced Quilt

In this workshop, you will create a collage that explores how pieces of your life fit together and contribute to your overall well-being.

For the community quilt, each person will make a square about the strengths they hope for in each other. These squares will be assembled into a large paper-pieced quilt.

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In the weaving workshop, you will create paper and fabric weavings about self-care.

For the group project, you will create a long strip (thread) with color, words and yarns to weave into the final image.

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